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Core Folf, also known as Cory "Core" Belote (born August 20th, 1982,) is a furry artist born in Nassawadox, Virginia, U.S.A. He has traveled around the world due to his father having been in the military for over 22 years.


Core's fursona is a folf, that acts more as a personal mascot as well as a character in stories and his own webcomic. As such Core Folf has imprinted some of his past experiences onto the fursona.

Art technique[edit]

Core does a majority of his work with the aide of a Staedtler 7H pencil which he then inks over with a Deleter or Faber-Castell ink pen. He also does work with colored pencils from time to time. Core's digital artwork is done with the use of Adobe Photoshop 6.0.1 and his Microsoft Optical Mouse. Core also does sprite artwork, or video game sprite commissions in addition to art commissions.


On September 18th, 2005 he began work on once more producing traditional and digital comic making with his webcomic called Folf!. A color comic that pokes fun at random events in Core's life as well as various trends in video game and movie culture. Updated usually the first of every month with 5 new pages.

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