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Shedz the Dog.
Rockit Wolf, another of Coopertom's suits.

Coopertom, also known as Cooper (born January 15, 1983), is a fursuiter from Southern New Jersey, U.S.A. His namesake fursona is a yellow cat. He is known for his fursuit performances which routinely involve talking while in costume in a variety of accents. On his YouTube channel, Coopertom regularly posts fursuiting videos, the most popular of which feature impromptu "stream of consciousness" style monologues.

Coopertom has attended Anthrocon 2009, 2010, 2011; FurFright 2009, 2010; Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010; Furry Connection North 2010, 2011; FA: United 2010, 2011; Wild Nights 2011.

He has been the Fursuit Track Lead for FA:United since 2010. He is also known for being the official Fender suiter.


Cooper began following the furry fandom around 1998, but did not become openly active in the fandom until March of 2009 when he began attending the New Jersey Fur Meets on Thursday nights. He quickly gained popularity by July after attending Anthrocon 2009 and the creation of several YouTube videos.

His name comes from the combination of his love for cars, specifically the MiniCooper, and his "tom cat" fursona.


  • Shedz is a black dog with a red tuft of hair and a white belly, hands, and eyebrows. He speaks in a Brooklyn accent. The suit was designed and built by JD Puppy.
  • Rockit is a grey wolf partial suit who is seen in most of Coopertom's YouTube . During FurFright 2009, Rockit donned a Pee-wee Herman costume and performed in the voice and actions of the character. Built by White Wolf.
  • Coopertom is the newest addition to his collection. In contrast to his original yellow cat fursona, the Coopertom fursuit is gray and white. Coopertom debuted at Anthrocon 2011 with a comical smart aleck abrasive attitude. The suit was designed and built by Jill0r

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