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The following is a list of furry conventions and furmeets from around the world, listed by officially announced attendance figures from the most recent year available. Each convention is listed only once. Historical North American convention figures are available from the Anthro Fandom Convention Infosheet. Other information was found on respective convention websites or reports, where available, or entered by attendees.

Ongoing events[edit]

  1. ConFurgence 2014 (Jan. 2014); Melbourne, Victoria (544)
  2. IndyFurCon 2014; Indianapolis, Indiana (527) (peaked at 560 in 2013)
  3. Mephit Fur Meet 2014; Olive Branch, Mississippi (455) (peaked at 650 in 2008)
  4. Fur-Eh! 2014; Edmonton, Alberta (351)
  5. WUFF 2013 (formerly known as UA Furence); Kiev, Ukraine (219)
  6. Furloween 2014; Orlando, Florida (180)[citation needed] (peaked at 196 in 2011)
  7. Fur-st 2013; Minato, Tokyo, Japan (144; peaked at 270 in March 2012)
  8. F3 Convention 2013; Branson, Missouri (55) (peaked at 123 in 2012)

* These events typically rotate to a new location each year.
** Attendance numbers are estimated. Feel free to add more accurate data if available.

Recent events with no data available[edit]

Discontinued, devolved, or pended events[edit]


+ New Year's Eve events, dated here according to the December year.




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