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Conventional fur for all was an article about Conifur Northwest 2004, along with more general points about furry fandom. It was written by Lisa Kremer, and published in the September 28, 2004 issue of The News Tribune (Tacoma). The article is notable for its fairly positive perspective on furry fandom, such as its depiction of the Ramos family:

Kathleen Ramos of Bellevue and her husband Nathan got a room at the Sheraton for the weekend so they could attend Conifur with their son Tyler. Tyler, 17, wore a wolf costume he made.
Kathleen Ramos said she's happy that Tyler's a furry.
"I think it's good," she said. "It gives him other kids to relate to and it gives him other interests. It seems fun.
"If this is the worst he's going to do, I'm a happy mom."[1]

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  1. 'Conventional fur for all', Lisa Kremer, The News Tribune, September 28, 2004.

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