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Connor Darktail is a fursuiter, comedian and YouTuber from the United Kingdom. Connor finds a huge interest in gaming, music producing and aircrafts. In a livestream with Soarin The Wolf, he stated: “Well I never actually plan to show my face, I’m ashamed of the way I look.”[citation needed]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Connor is known as part of The Darktail’s.[clarify][citation needed] He has been with The Darktail’s for over 2 years now. Connor first became a furry after meeting someone by the name of Alex Darktail, however, he has many other reasons why he is in the furry fandom. Connor is also known for his comedy, as he continues to produce content on his three YouTube channels. Nobody knows what he looks like under the suit, as he is not allowed to release his face publicly due to the code of conduct of The Darktail’s.[clarify]

Connor is known to many popufurs, including Kero The Wolf, Majira Strawberry, Ace Of Hearts Fox, Sunny Dingo and many others. He also participates in livestreams with them.[citation needed]


Connor’s fursona is a blue wolf with white, black and grey markings. He has green eyes, big ears, and a beautiful tail. Connor got the ideas for this Fursona from his friend Soarin The Wolf, who has known Connor since he was of a very young age.


Connor's fursuit is a replica of this fursona.

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Friends and family[edit]

-his best friend is known as luNXa only her close friends know her real name. -he is know to be very kind and friendly -his birthday is September 24th - in a statement his best friend ( luNXa ) said “I love Connor we have been friends for over 6 years now and he has always been there for me. He is the nicest person and so caring, I just LOVE , LOVE , LOVE HIM ?!?!”