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Conjoinment is a fictitious process, commonly found in furry in transformation stories and artwork, by which two or more individuals are joined bodily together. The process can be partial (one or more body parts fused) or complete (a total fusion of the individuals into a single entity, with or without the original separate consciousnesses).

On-line culture[edit]

This joining (also called merging, grafting, or mesing) is often the subject of erotic interest even when the process does not lead to actual sexual activity and even when the fictional participants in the process are indifferent to or repulsed by what has occurred. Conjoinment is also a frequent theme of online roleplay.

Themes of conjoinment[edit]

One of the most popular themes in conjoinment artwork is the clash or harmony of personalities who come to share the otherwise normal two-headed body. A good example of this would be the titular character of the children's TV show CatDog.
CatDog, an example of a conflicting personality conjoined being

Another theme more prevalent in furry transformation stories and artwork involve where two formerly separate beings of (possibly) different species are perfectly blended into a new being which blends the traits of the two participants.

A few existing fursuits can be found depicting conjoined characters. For those who subscribe to the erotic side of both conjoinment and fursuit fetishes, these fursuits can often be seen as a way to reenact sexual fantasies regarding conjoinment. Sometimes this will be one person with a dummy second head, but it can also be two separate people.

One notable double fursuit, not used for erotic play, was the fursuit Snuggles Rotterdobe, created as a gimmick for the fursuit parade at Anthrocon 2006.