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The Conifur Northwest 2005 t-shirt.

Conifur Northwest 2005 was a furry convention, the eighth (and final) annual Conifur Northwest. It took place from October 21 - 23 at the Sea-Tac Radisson Airport Hotel in SeaTac, WA, U.S.A. The Sea-Tac Radisson Airport Hotel was torn down in February 2006, so this is the only time Conifur was held at this hotel.


Among the staff of Conifur 2005 were[2]:

Conifur Northwest 2005 pocket program.


Ongoing events included the art show (with the art auction on Sunday the 23rd), the Dealers' Den and Artists' Alley, the video room, and the gaming room. There were also a number of clinics (among them "Meet the Guest of Honor" and "All About Wolves"), costuming events (such as "Plan-a-Suit", "How-to Ears", and the fursuit parade), and other events. Among the events held in the Event Theater were Furry Pictionary, 2 the Ranting Gryphon, Uncle Kage's Story Hour, the Ice Cream Social, the Masquerade, and the dance.[3]


The Conifur Northwest 2005 conbook is 43 half-size (8.5" by 5.5") pages. It is printed in black and white, with a front cover by David Hopkins and back cover by Mitch Beiro. It includes interior art by David Hopkins, Chad Krueger, and Squeaky. There are two fiction pieces in the conbook: "Do Over" by David Hopkins and "A Little Treat" by Joseph Vandehey.[2]


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