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Conifur Northwest 2004 was an furry convention, the seventh annual Conifur Northwest. It took place from September 24 - 26 at the Sheraton Tacoma Hotel and Convention Center in Tacoma, Washington.[1]


Among the staff of Conifur Northwest 2004 were:[1]



Events included the ongoing Art Show (with Art Auction on Sunday the 26th), Dealers' Den, Video Room, and Gaming Room, in addition to clinics, the masquerade/Furry Beauty Pageant, Fursuit Parade, and Dance.[3]

Among the Featured Events were Furry Pictionary, the Ice Cream Social, Uncle Kage's Story Hour, and 2 the Ranting Gryphon making his first appearance at Conifur.

The Charity Auction held on Saturday the 25th raised $2248 for the Washington Ferret Rescue & Shelter.[3]


The Conifur Northwest 2004 Program Book[1] is 42 pages. It is printed in black and white, with a front cover by Chad Krueger and back cover by Mitch Beiro. It has interior art by C. D. Woodbury, Chad Krueger, David Hopkins, Diana Vick, Edd Vick, Heather Bruton, Leah Briere, Sara Howard, and Teri Wood. The conbook also included the stories "A Profusion of Canids" by Gene Breshears and "The Wolf Who Was a Man" by Rex Wolf.


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