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Location Melbourne
Status Ongoing
First iteration 2014
Organizer(s) Australian Fandom Conventions
Charity Siberian Husky Rescue The Sakai Family
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: ConFurgence resources
ConFurgence 2014
ConFurgence 2015
ConFurgence 2016
ConFurgence 2017
ConFurgence 2018

ConFurgence staff
ConFurgence guests of honour

ConFurgence, formerly MiDFur (Melbourne in December Fur Meet), is an furry convention that has been held annually since 1999 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, currently Australia's longest running and second largest[citation needed] furry convention in the country.


In late 2012, It was announced that ConFurgence would for the most part, replace MiDFur,[citation needed] with the original name being handed back to the community for future use.[clarify]

The change was needed due to the growth of the convention, with room running out at the Arrow on Swanston and others being cost prohibitive, and because December is an inconvenience, with university exams falling in that month. Also, changing the month made the name effectively obsolete.[1]


In it's first year in 2014 ConFurgence took place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC). The following year in 2015 it was originally scheduled to be at the Jasper Hotel, but then was later changed to the Arrow on Swanston. In 2016 ConFurgence again changed venues, first at the Citiclub Hotel and then finally to the Amora Hotel.


  • 2014 "Egyptian Nights"
  • 2015 "The Dragon Dynasty".
  • 2016 "Gods of Olympus"
  • 2017 "Dawn of the Seventh Realm"
  • 2018 "Heroes of Furtropolis"


ConFurgence is owned and operated by Australian Fandom Conventions, the same organisation who operated MiDFur, and it is still run by the ConFurgence board, of which these partners are equal members.


Below is a current list of staff, taken from the official website.[2]

Furry Hall of Fame[edit]

Main article: Furry Hall of Fame

The Furry Hall of Fame was conceived by CynWolfe in 2008, and its first induction was held that year at MiDFur X. While the Hall has a worldwide reach, and is not intended to be event-specific, its induction ceremony has been organized by AUSFA/AFC and was hosted by MiDFur each year through 2012, but there is no indication so far if it will continue with ConFurgence.


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