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ConFurence 6 was the 1995 ConFurence furry convention, held over January 13-15 at the Airporter Garden Hotel in Irvine, California, U.S.A.

The theme for 1995 was "Magic and Morphs". Three-day membership was $20 in advance.


[edit] Events

The programming included a special visit from the writers of the Disney cartoon Gargoyles and two separate art auctions. The video room was also split, into one for animé and a second for video SIGs and programming based on the con's theme. A juice bar (The Pearl Possum) operated.

The ConFurence Filk Contest was won by Michael Payne's "Gently Falling Rain".[1]

[edit] Guests of Honor

[edit] Credits

[edit] Co-Directors, Programming, Facilities, Publications

Mark Merlino, Rod O'Riley, John Alan Stanley

[edit] Art Show

Jazmyn Concolor, John Alan Stanley, Vicky Levitin

[edit] Video Programming

John Cawley, Larry Adams, James G. Lomax, Henry S. Brown Jr

[edit] Official Mascots

Sydney Fisher, Cairn Fisher

[edit] Security

Shayn Raney, Scott Malcolmson, Tom McDaniel

[edit] T-Shirts

Daphne Lage, Ken Bolland

[edit] Staff Members

Lawrence A. Adams, David Bliss, Gearl Brace, Henry S. Brown Jr, James P. Callicott, Jazmyn Concolor, Mario D'Anna Jr, Timothy Fitelson GFM3, Dave Friedman, Steve Gattuso, Amanda Geyer, John Geyer, Charles E. Gray, Darren Hanson, Robert Hanz, Lori Henderson, Lisa Iennaco, Warren Johnson, David E. Klinkler, Zsa'nene Klinkler, Vicky Levitin, James G. Lomax, Scott Malcolmson, Brandy McDaniel, Tom McDaniel, Avi Melman, Mark Merlino, Kurt Miller, Charles Nezzer, Ken Nielsen, Kelly O'Guinn, Rod O'Riley, Jan M. Paxton, Lewis Peterson Jr, Waverly Pierre, Manfred Prange, Shayn Raney, Kay Shapero, John Alan Stanley, Richard Taliaferro, SmackJackal, Taylor Wilson

[edit] Super Sponsors

David Bliss, Thomas G. Brady, Gary Breuckman, Cody Buchmann, Samuel Conway, Jeffrey A. Costa, Derrick Dasenbrock, David Ewell, Norman Fabian, Mark Farey, Pete Glaskowski, Jimmy M. Hines, Ron Johnson, Juan F. Lara, Richard Lewis, Walter A. Lyzohub Jr, Sean Malloy, Jeff Mancebo, Matthew R. Muench, David Orth, Carol Ann Osman, John D. Pennington III, Dennis R. Peterson, Dennis W. Province, Robert Repas, Mike Selewski, Scott Shannon, Richard P. Thatcher, David J. Van Deusen, Bruce Wilhite

[edit] Sponsors

Waylon Adams, Suzanne Barth, Joshua Carpman, Michael T. Danaher, Bernard Doove, Lanny Fields, Don Fitch, Steve Gattuso, William A. Green, Rich Griffin, Lionman, Johnathan Hammar, William Haskell, Russell Hoekins, Jo Ellen Kellner, Robert C. King, John G. Lussmeyer, Walter A. Lyzohub Jr, Karl Meyer, Eric Miyoda, Barry Needleman, Ken Nielsen, John Overall, David Reiss, B. J. Staehlin, Dana Uehara, John Van Stry, Scott Whitmore, Leonard Zubkoff

[edit] Con Book

The cover of the ConFurence 6 conbook.

The programme book for CF6 was 56 pages and featured black-and-white cover art by Daphne Lage. It was printed by A E Press of Concord, California.

[edit] References

  1. ConFurence Filk Contest on Retrieved May 3, 2008.

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