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TheTiger is a furry from the Netherlands. He has been active in the furry communities as both an artist and a writer since late 2004. As his name points out, TheTiger’s favorite animal is the tiger. His nickname TheTiger was created to keep a certain borderline between his normal and furry online presence and was inspired by his favorite artist TheTigress. TheTiger has been inactive in the furry community since around 2009, feeling to have somewhat outgrown the fandom and choosing to observe it from a distance instead. He still likes to check in every once in a while and actively follows prominent furs such as 2, The Ranting Gryphon and Telephone.

Presence in the Furry World[edit]

TheTiger first stumbled onto in late 2004 where he met several people who showed him around the furry world. In the course of time, TheTiger became more involved with the website and helped run it as a forum moderator and an admin on the site’s IRC channel.

Early in 2005, TheTiger started to become more involved in the furry world by registering at other furry sites such as Yiffstar and Fur Affinity.

Art and Writing[edit]

TheTiger is both an artist and a writer and enjoys doing both equally. He had never done adult art until late 2005 when he first colored a sketch done by Chris McKinley. Since then he has done numerous of adult works, all of which depict characters from The Lion King and most of which are originals by McKinley. TheTiger’s artwork can be found in various places, including Fur Affinity, SoFurry and Inkbunny.

In 2004, TheTiger tried his hands at erotic story writing and wrote his first story called Striped Heat. The story involved a caretaker at a zoo who had a sexual relation with one of the tigers. The story would be the first in a series of twelve, called the Feline Fantasies series. When this series came to an end, TheTiger went on to write adult Lion King fanfiction that became known as The Heat of the Pridelands series. This series currently counts eight chapters and while technically unfinished, it is unlikely to be picked up again.

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