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TheTiger is a furry and zoophile from the Netherlands. Born in 1988, he has been in the furry and zoophile communities since late 2004. As his name points out, TheTiger’s favorite animal is the tiger. His nickname TheTiger was created to keep a certain borderline between his normal and furry online presence and was inspired by his favorite artist TheTigress.

Presence in the Furry World[edit]

TheTiger first stumbled onto in late 2004. Here he met several people who now are his best friends in the furry world and helped him accept his own attraction to big cats. In the course of time, TheTiger became more involved with the website and is currently a forum moderator and an admin on the site’s IRC channel.

Early in 2005, TheTiger started to become more involved in the furry world by registering at other furry sites such as Yiffstar and Fur Affinity. While not a 24/7 fur, he visits these places from time to time.

Presence in the Zoophile Community[edit]

As his interest in the subject grew, he noticed there were very few websites dedicated solely to big cats. Knowing plenty of people who would like a website like this, TheTiger started his own furry and zoophile community in 2005. Going by the name of Tigers Den, the website initially launched with a handful of articles and a forum. As time passed by the site was often redesigned and content was often changed until late 2008 when the site had a complete makeover. The site became less of a community and more of a personal website for TheTiger's work as it was intended from day one.

Art and Writing[edit]

TheTiger is both an artist and a writer and enjoys doing both equally. He had never done adult art until late 2005 when he first colored a sketch done by Chris McKinley. Since then he has done numerous of adult works, all of which depict characters from The Lion King and most of which are originals by McKinley. TheTiger’s artwork can be found in various places, including Fur Affinity and Yiffstar.

In 2004, TheTiger decided he wanted to try his hands on erotic story writing and wrote his first story called Striped Heat. The story involved a caretaker at a zoo who had a sexual relation with one of the tigers. The story would be the first in a series of 12, called the Feline Fantasies series. When this series came to an end, TheTiger tried writing adult Lion King fanfiction that became known as The Heat of the Pridelands series. This series currently counts five chapters but is on hold until further notice.

In March 2007, TheTiger released a detailed guide on how to have sexual intercourse with big cats. The guide was posted on various websites among which are, and While an actual attempt at having sex with a big cat may never happen, the guide was very inspiring to many people who read it even if they did not have any plans to use it.

Conflict Armada[edit]

In April,[when?] he started working on what is intended to be his biggest project to date. The project is currently[when?] known as Conflict Armada and will feature furry characters in a world that is somewhat reflecting what could be happening in our own world today. The story series will be revolving around a pilot and his team serving on board a US Navy aircraft carrier while dealing with political and personal problems.

The first chapter of the story is currently[when?] in development and a solid release date is not yet known.

Conflict Armada is the current working title (and likely final release title) of a large story series that is being written by furry writer TheTiger. The story is set in a furry universe and features anthropomorphic creatures which live in a similar time and setting as our own world. The main plot in the story is about a civil war that has broken out in the USA due to a corrupt government and a collapsed economy and how a pilot in the US Navy tries to adapt to the situations and the orders given to him and his flight team. The story in general reflects a lot of today's real life issues and what could happen if things get out of control. It takes a lot of inspiration from present day politics and other issues that have a firm grip on the way we live our lives.

The Start[edit]

Conflict Armada was first thought up as a backstory for one of the author's RPG characters, Charger, and was to be set in a similar setting. That being it also involved the navy. It however did not involve a civil war, nor did it take inspiration from any present day political conflicts. The very first version of Conflict Armada was called Alpha Squadron and was about a navy pilot causing a fatal crash on board an aircraft carrier and ending up in the military prison Fort Leavenworth. This version was based much on a prison enviorment, inspired by the famous hit show Prison Break. This idea was later ditched as the author decided the story needed more originality and depth, which could not be achieved inside the walls of a prison.

For a small while there was also the idea of publishing the story in comic form, but this was deemed to much work for a starting story.

Release Info[edit]

The first chapter of the series is currently in development and a solid release date is not yet available. Signed hardback copies of the chapters with coverart made by Chris McKinley may be sold on the Confuzzled furcon in June 2008.


  • Other titles for the story that were concidered were: Flying Tigers, Tiger Squadron, Squadron Fur and Naval Prison.
  • In addition a lot of titles were tried using Latin words for war, savety and freedom.
  • The final title, Conflict Armada, does not make much sense when it is literally translated into 'Conflict Navy' or Conflict Fleet'. As a title it works well though and having the word navy in there was considered a nice bonus.
  • A limited number of hardback copies of the chapters may be sold at furcons. The cover art for these hardback copies will be done by Chris McKinley.

Role playing[edit]

Before TheTiger had found his way into the fandom, he already had two furry characters. Charger and Kaira are two tiger characters who return in various roleplaying games TheTiger has participated in.

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