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Aloha Fox is an ambassador for the rule: "Soap and water are your furiends!"

Con funk, short for "convention funk", is a term for the dirt and odors that accumulate on the body during the normal course of a convention. Left unchecked, it becomes an aura of filth and odour that can ruin the experience of anybody downwind or in the general vicinity.

The lack of washing that causes con funk can also lead to Con Crud, as well as post-con depression.


It is recommended that furs follow good hygiene guidelines during a convention. A convention is no excuse for leaving your hygiene habits at home. Uncle Kage, in his lectures to first-time con-goers, recommends the "6-2-1 rule":

Six hours of sleep per night
Two meals per day
One shower per day

This, of course, is a minimum: If a furry is involved in any strenuous activity that gets them overly sweaty, they should also wash after that. Also, fursuiters should take additional precautions to stay clean as fursuits often store heat and may generate additional sweat.


Aloha Fox is known for bringing a sign around at the beginning of various conventions that says "Soap and water are your furiends!"

Terry Mouse has occasionally offered free toiletries when running a dealer's den table at assorted conventions.

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