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ConFuzzled 2008 took place on the 20th to the 23rd June 2008 and was hosted in Manchester, North West England at the Manchester International Youth Hostel and was the first outing of Britain's first fully-residential convention, ConFuzzled. It was attended by 136 people. £1,610 was raised for charity.[1]The charity was The Badger Trust.

ConFuzzled had a very high percentage of fursuiters for its attendance level, over 45%[2], 42 fursuiters out of all those that attended took part in the main Fursuit Parade on the Saturday.


Pricing for ConFuzzled was based upon the older-style EuroFurence model of providing an all-inclusive package (the most recent EuroFurence stepping away from this by not providing food). Registration costs were £170 for standard and £210 for sponsors (these were initially £160 and £200 for early registrars, respectively). Standard Membership included accommodation, badge, conbook, and food. To these benefits sponsorship added a care basket, conbook mention, pin badge, limited edition print, stickers, and a T-shirt.

The pricing and membership structure were announced on March 31, 2007; registration opened on April 21, 2007. 42 people registered on the first day, the convention sold out by January 9th 2008. It was possible to pay with credit and debit cards via Google Checkout.


  • Art Auction
  • Art Show
  • Art Workshop
  • BigBlueFox's How To Film Furries
  • Call My Fluff (based upon the British TV Show, Call My Bluff)
  • Dealer's Den
  • DJ Swolf's Dance
  • Draw Off (Pictionary with fursuiters)
  • Fur-E-Okie (furry karaoke)
  • Furries Rock! (furry rock dance)
  • Furry DDR
  • Fursuit Bar Games
  • Fursuit Parade
  • Fursuit Performance Workshop
  • Fursuit Photoshoot
  • Fursuit Roundtable
  • Fursuit TV, Avec ConFuzzled (like Timduru's FursuitTV, just for ConFuzzled)
  • Group Photo
  • Music Jam
  • T-Shirt Drawing
  • Kitsunia Musical Event
  • Masquerade This event was cancelled due to a lack of acts. The Fursuit Workshop was held on the stage instead.
  • Midnight Blue Dance with BigBlueFox
  • Photography Chat
  • Pub Quiz based upon questions derived from WikiFur
  • RPG Game
  • Spirituality Chat
  • Up, Down, Left, Right (gaming championship)
  • Who's Yerf Is It Anyway? (parody of Whose Line Is It Anyway?)
  • A team-based fursuit games session called Furrylimpics.[3]


Guest of honour[edit]

ConFuzzled had for its 2008 guest of honour, BigBlueFox in fitting with its fursuiting theme.


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