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ConFurgence 2014 was the first ConFurgence convention. It took place between January 10-12, 2014 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre,[1] and the theme was "Egyptian Nights".

The convention reported 544 attendees;[2] this figure may not include staff and guests.

The ConFurgence 2014 official charity was the Siberian Husky Rescue, with a last minute decision to split charity beneficiaries between the Siberian Husky Rescue and artist Stan Sakai and wife Sharon Sakai. The total amount raised was $8550, with $7500 of it from the charity auction directly, being sent to the Sakai family.[2]

Guests of honour for ConFurgence 2014 included artists Blotch, Dark Natasha, Latin Vixen and Sardyuon.[3]


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