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ConFurence 9 was a furry convention in the ConFurence series held over the four days of January 15-18 of 1998 at the Buena Park Hotel and Convention Center in Buena Park, California. The dual themes for the year were "Furries in Love" and "Furries Down Under".[1]

Measured by population, this was the zenith of the ConFurence series with over 1200 registrations.

Guests of Honor[edit]



"Hollow Hills" by Kay Shapero won the ConFurence Filk Contest.[2]


The ConFurence 9 conbook.

The ConFurence 9 Souvenir Book [1] (the conbook) is printed in black and white, with a wrap-around cover image by Robert and Margaret Carspecken. It is 56 pages, and includes artwork and writing by the following creators:


Aberdeen Fox, Allan M. Jones, Brian Kimmes, Bruce Richman, Cigarskunk, David Buttenshaw, Douglas Green, Earl P. Bacon, Ed Holowell, Eli Harvey, Eric Foster, Eric Miyoda, Eric Raschka, Erin Hurst, Freddy E. Praul, Guy Garnett, Heiko Gemming, Jeff D. Castle, Jim Rauscher, Johnathan Hammar, Jonah H. Safar, Jonathan Lang, Karl Xydexx Jorgensen, Keven Dong, Lionman, Louis LeClerc, Mark Ryerson, Martin Shotzberrger, Michael O'Donnell, Nick Radonich, Peter A. Murphy, Richard Messer, Richard Foley, Richard Williams, Robert E. Sanders, Robert Whiteman, Robert Yates, Romano Eberwein, Sarah Wheeler, Stacey Frankovich, Stacey Wenkel, Stephen Roy, Steven Lang, Walk Bakes, Will A. Sanborn


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