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ConFurence 5 was a furry convention in the ConFurence series held over January 21-23 of 1994. Yet again the venue changed, this time to the Airporter Garden Hotel in Irvine, California. The con's theme was "Furries in Space". Three-day membership cost $20 in advance.


Events included a writing workshop by guest of honor A. C. Crispin and the first NitroCoon Radio Show.[1]

The ConFurence Filk Contest was won by "I'm Going to ConFurence Five", lyrics by Samuel Conway.[2]

Guests of Honor[edit]

Con Book[edit]

The cover of the ConFurence 5 conbook.

The souvenir programme book featured cover art by Mitch Beiro. Attendees also received "Anime gets Furry!", a special 12 page guide to the furry animation and comics of Japan, illustrated by Michele Light and Terrie Smith. The booklet contained the adventures of a furry sentai called "Five Fur".


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