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Professor Myron J Comus, aka "Comus", is a writer and artist, best known as the creator of the animal transformation website Circe's Funhouse.

Comus first became fascinated by animal transformation as a child, watching Disney films like The Shaggy Dog and The Sword in the Stone, and by learning about Circe [3] and Greek Mythology in elementary school. He began drawing and saving his own transformation pictures at this time, developing over years into a collection of art with a common setting and theme, which eventually went online as the Funhouse.

From 1999 to 2007 the Funhouse was online at the web address, hosted first by TransFur and then by TF Central. In late 2007 TF Central ceased hosting the site without explanation, but subsequent Funhouse artwork is available at Fur Affinity. The Funhouse was finally able to come back online at the end of 2009.

In recent years a combination of computer problems and lack of time had prevented Comus from keeping the Funhouse website up-to-date, so the vast majority of his recent transformation art is only available at Fur Affinity even after the return of his Funhouse site.

As well as Circe herself, recurring characters in Comus' Funhouse work include Saurina, a lascivious female alligator granted sapience by Circe's magic; Mr. Airwick, an anthropomorphic skunk (inspired by Pepe Le Pew) who was formerly a gay human; and Komos, a komodo dragon-man who undertakes various missions on behalf of his mistress; all of whom Circe has endowed with transformative abilities of their own.

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