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Computolio, also known as papa_november and rodox_video, was an administrator and forum moderator for Crush Yiff Destroy, hub of the tongue-in-cheek "monolithic antifurry conspiracy," and a current for its current counterpart, Vivisector.



Computolio is a self styled pioneer and known connoisseur of smoking pipes. He has been referred to as the "leader of the charge on the Anti-Schwartz camp" [citation needed] and "Protector of Thorn Valley",[citation needed] the latter title awarded for his exceptional work in the NIMH fandom.

He is known for his love of Amiga computers, and game emulators.

The secret of NIMH[edit]

He was heavily involved in the NIMH fandom through the late 90's, operating a frequently updated fansite popular for rare promotional material; he was able to speak with artist, animator and NIMH director Don Bluth over concerns and questions others may have had regarding the film.

This particular site, once hosted on Geocities, no longer exists.

The advent of CYD[edit]

With the help of Mitch, a former Secret of NIMH fellow muck player, they created CYD in 2003 as an standalone offshoot off the Portal of Evil forums, mainly focused on the absurdities of the furry fandom, keeping a "highbrowed flavor of humor" while doing so.

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