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Comjuke (born March 25)[1] is an furry artist and magician.


Comjuke's fursona is a Snowshoe Hare. His fur is usually brown but, as camouflage, turns white in Winter. His eyes are golden. He has a U-shaped scar over his right eye.

Comjuke in real life has the same scar; in December, 2009, he fell off the top bunk of his bunk-bed and landed on a pair of scissors, which penetrated along the side of his right eye, damaging the optical nerve and blinding him. In January, 2011, Comjuke had surgery that gave back sight back to his damaged eye.

Artwork and magic[edit]

Comjuke has been drawing since November, 2010, and he gets classes from friends. Comjuke's mentor was Mizzyam, and he has also taken lessons from WeaselGrease.

Comjuke sometimes does live magic shows on Livestream, and loves to see people's faces when he confuses them.


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