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Comic-Con International (formerly the San Diego Comic Convention, or SDCC) is the largest comic book convention in North America. It features many top comic artists and now major media corporations. Attendance has topped 100,000 people each year since 2005, making it one of the largest events in the city of San Diego.

The 2011 Comic-Con is scheduled to be held July 21 to 24. The 2010 Comic-Con was held July 22 to 25.

Furry presence[edit]


The early days of the furry fandom in the area relied on room parties during this convention to meet, socialize, and exchange artwork. In August 1985, at the San Diego Comic Convention, Judy Niver (one of the founders of the C/FO), hosted a party in her room at the Hotel San Diego. The Rowrbrazzle APA group was also having a party in the same hotel, and there was much overlap in attendance (the Prancing Skiltaire party was held a month earlier at Sacramento's Westercon). In the years afterward, the furry party was formally institutionalized as a get-together for fans of furry artwork at this and a number of other conventions until 1989, when Confurence 0 was held.


From 2000 to 2002, an attempt was made by the ConFurence Group to organize these events into a mini furry con in the form of CritterConDiego at the Holiday Inn on the Bay. However, since the demise of ConFurence in 2003, more recent furry gatherings have been held under the name of Califur Diego at a nearby hotel. As with CritterConDiego, furry dealers and artists are welcome to set up and sell their wares.


Since the start of a furry presence in SDCC, Mark Merlino hosted annual furry gathering held alongside or after the con. On his own words, he announced the 2011 furry party was canceled, and there is no inkling of future ones.[citation needed]

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