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Columbia Basin Fur Con is a proposed furry convention that is expected to take place in eastern Washington, USA. As of September 2015, no dates or location have been announced, but the first occurrence is being planned for 2017 in the Tri-Cities area. In March 2015, NaoShadowpaws posted on Twitter "So #CBFC isn't until 2017. This is due to a lack of resources needed to pull it off for 2016."[1]

As of May 2016, the Twitter account ColumbiaBasinFC no longer exists[2] and the Fur Affinity account columbiabasinfurcon shows the system message "has voluntarily disabled access to their account and all of its contents."[3] The website still states "The Board hasn't established a date for CBFC just yet. We need to find a suitable venue first, and then find a weekend, most likely in March, that works for that venue. We are still in the very early planning stage."[4]


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