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Jordann William "JW" Edwards (born January 22, 1996), is an artist, filmmaker, musician, and entrepreneur from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. He's perhaps best known as the creator of The Dynamite Twins and Friends, as well as the founder of MajesticBlue ColorWorld.

Through this universe, he co-created Tails from the Federation with Craig Black, Jacob Elmer, and Elizabeth Mogan. This collection brings together Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart and its spin-off, Bloody Cutlass.

He also makes comics for the sister series to TDT, Bunny and Bear.

MajesticBlue ColorWorld[edit]

MajesticBlue ColorWorld is a creative collective created in 2016 by Edwards, to bring together concepts, characters, and settings that he and his friends created.[1]

Through this company, he created:

  • The Dynamite Twins and Friends - a shared storyworld.
    • It includes the flagship series of the same name, created by Edwards, centering around a pair of twins.
    • Bunny and Bear - the sister series to TDT.
    • Fae of Avalon - a series about a mythical realm and the creatures who inhabit it.
    • Dragon Mages - the mythical dragons who protect the universe.

The following series were considered to be part of the TDT world, but Edwards jettisoned it out due to creative differences, making it narratively separate.

  • Tails from the Federation - a collection of science fantasy/space opera stories. This collection includes:
    • Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart
    • Bloody Cutlass - a spin-off of MacTaggart focusing on Darkblade.
    • The Lumarions -the sequel to Captain MacTaggart.


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