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The Cologne Furdance is a dance party for furry and friends, that takes place in the city of Cologne in Germany.

The event is organized and hosted by the CrosSCombineD event team. It takes place in a Dance School at Zeughaus24, Zeughausstrasse 24, 50667 Köln, Germany.


  • Cologne Furdance Edition 1 took place on June 14, 2008. The DJs were Big Blue Fox, Kenai, Hanhan, and Orci.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 2 took place on Nov 08, 2008. The DJs were Big Blue Fox, Cheetah, Kenai and Orci.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 3 has been proposed for June 27, 2009.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 4 took place on Nov 14, 2009.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 5 took place on June 12, 2010.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 6 took place on Nov 13, 2010.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 7 took place on June 11, 2011.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 8 took place on Nov 12, 2011.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 9 took place on May 12, 2012.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 10 took place on Nov 10, 2012.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 11 took place on June 29, 2013.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 12 took place on November 2, 2013.
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 13 took place on May 10, 2014.[1]
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 14 took place on November 8, 2014.[2]
  • Cologne Furdance Edition 15 took place on July 25, 2015, and was scheduled to last until 5AM the following morning. It was the first CFD in the Maritim hotel in Cologne.[3] At least 201 were registered to attend, including 109 fursuiters.[4]

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