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Colombiafur logo

Colombiafur is a furry regional group which caters to the furry community in Colombia and the Colombian diaspora, founded in early 2009 by Fibonacci Prower and Richard Wolf VI.

Originally hosted on Ning, they moved to and subsequently hosted their own social network using Oxwall before switching to mainstream networks.

What is Colombiafur?[edit]

Poly, Colombiafur official pet

Colombiafur is the furry community in Colombia the idea came from the initiative and colaboration of furries around the country with the goal of including the colombian community into the furry community all around the world. Since 2005 Fibonacci has been hosting little meetings wich opened the way to the first official meeting on April 19 of 2009 called "Bogota Peluda" (Furry Bogota) wich took place at the mall Galerias, since then there has been more encounters in other cities like Medellin, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga

Mission and Vision[edit]

The Mission of Colombiafur is to bring together the lovers of this kind of art and acknowledge the furry fandom in Colombia Their vision is to be a reference point and model to the furry fandom in Latin America, to organize conventions and events wich brings together furries all around the globe


Colombiafur organizes artistic, cultural and social activities suitable for all ages, they can be online or in person and they invite each member to participate and give ideas to grow as a community and as an individual

Ciudades Peludas (Furry Cities)[edit]

Furry Cities is a series of events offering spaces to integrate in cities where initiatives arise to make a wide variety of activities related to the furry fandom, like drawing, sharing art or discuss ideas while chatting, playing videogames or having lunch

Furry Bogota[edit]

The event that brought to life Colombiafur on April 19 of 2009

Furry Bogota II[edit]

The next event took place in Centro Andino on May 25,2009

Furry Bogota III[edit]

The first encounter lasting more than one day, in the mall Galerias on July 4 & 5 of 2009

Photo of Furry Bogota, by Richard Wolf

Furry Bogota IV[edit]

The first encounter in the open, took place in the Simon Bolivar park between February 27 & 28 of 2010, this was also the first encounter to be covered by the media on this Article

Furry Bogota 2012[edit]

Seeing how much the community had evolved, an event took place on December 21 of 2012 in the public library Virgilio Barco

Furry Bucaramanga I & II[edit]

The first big encounters that took place outside the capital were in the middle of the year the first and the second on January of 2014

Furry Medellin[edit]

The initiative in other cities started to take place, with this event on December 20, 2013, near Medellin river

Special Events[edit]

Colombiafur has been present in different spaces that allow them to open themselves to a general public and share their experiences with this. Interacting with other subcultures Colombiafur tries to grow and fulfill their work to make the furry in Colombia.


Festifur 2013

In an interview for the program voices RCN Fibonacci talks about the furry and the community expands their presence in the media on August 17, 2012


The community makes their presence on the SOFA(Leisure and fantasy lounge) ever since 2013


On December 15, 2013, took place Festifur, the largest furry event to date in Kurenai Maid Café.

Key members[edit]

Richard Wolf[edit]

After getting to know the fandom through Fibonacci and Wikifur Richard took the initiative to give the fandom a more organized thrust in Colombia, becoming the cofounder of Colombiafur. His work in the community usually involves communicating events or news to the community, and help integrate new members to the community and organizing the events. Alongside Fibonacci, he was also the cofounder of the Spanish version of Wikifur

Fibonacci Prower[edit]

Fibo, as his friends call him, discovered the furry fandom in 2003 and began organizing events since 2005, something that settled the bases to stablishing what would later become Colombiafur, him being the cofounder. Besides his activities in Colombiafur, Fibo was also the cofounder of Wikifur on its Spanish version.

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