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CollegeHumor is a comedy website that was created by Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen, and is owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp. The site features daily original comedy videos and articles created by its in-house writing and production team, in addition to user-submitted videos, pictures, articles and links.

Furry Force[edit]


CollegeHumor has parodied the over-sexualised aspects of the furry fandom with Furry Force, a fictitious animated cartoon presented as having aired on Fox Kids. As of July, 2015, CollegeHumor has made three episodes of Furry Force.

The superheroes[edit]

The heroes of Furry Force: Callie, Leon, Gary, and Trang

The Heroes of Furry Force are four human teenagers who can transform into anthropomorphic animals. They are:

  • Leon (voiced by Brian Murphy), an auburn-haired boy who transforms into an effeminate lion in red bikini underwear.
  • Gary (voiced by Caldwell Tanner), a black-haired bespectacled boy who transforms into a wolf-taur.
  • Callie (voiced by Emily Axford), a blonde girl who transforms into a hyper-endowed squirrel.
  • Trang (voiced by Rachel Ilg), a black-haired girl who transforms into a six-breasted cow.
  • Furancis, Callie's son but we don't know who the father is. (He only appears in the second episode.)

The villains[edit]

The villains of Furry Force: Victor Vivisector, Hip-Hop, and Krunk.

The villains of Furry Force are:

  • Victor Vivisector (voiced by Adam Conover in a deep low-pitched voice), a part-robotic evil mastermind who wears a red, black, and white body stocking. His face is a mask with jagged jack-o-lantern teeth, and he has a love of parking lots. User gnpg on the critical website Vivisector speculated that Victor Vivisector was a shout-out to the site.[1] Vivisector despises the Furry Force, not only because they are heroes, but also because of their disturbingly erotic and perverted behavior, something that disgusts him to no end.
  • Krunk (voiced by Josh Ruben), a henchman who resembles Hulk Hogan.
  • Hip-Hop (voiced by Adam Conover), a brown-skinned henchman with a green mohawk and yellow sunshades, possibly a shout-out to the human form of Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • The Scalie Squad

Episode 1: "Furry Superheroes Are Super Gross"[edit]

In the first episode (released January 22, 2014), Victor Vivisector and his henchmen are using robots to fell trees in a forest, with the intention of turning it into a parking lot. The Furry Force arrive in a paw-shaped spaceship, and declare their intention of stopping him. When Vivisector taunts them, asking "How are four kids going to stop me?", the furries cry "Fursona transfurmation!" and change into their anthro forms.

Hip-Hop and Krunk are uncomfortable with the sight of the overly erotic furries ("Why are they so sexy?"), and are reluctant to attack. Callie uses her breasts to pin Hip-Hop to the ground, whilst Gary sickens Krunk by releasing sprays of his "power-musk". The tree-fellings robots close in on Trang, but the sight of her six breasts waving around sends them into retreat.

Leon challenges Vivisector to "man-on-lion-man combat", and Vivisector initially agrees until his robotic hand gets stuck in Leon's sweaty, matted fur. Leon releases Vivisector, who pulls a gun on him and declares that he should not have trusted him, calling them ‘furverts’. Leon cries "Furries! Yiff mode activate!", and they leap into the air to form an orgy-like ball which combines them into an erotically moaning (and aptly named) "Giant Furmaphrodite".

Vivisector sums up the situation with the single word "Nope", and activates a rocket pack to escape. As the Furmaphrodite closes in on Hip-Hop and Krunk, they put their heads together and Krunk prepares to shoot them both with an energy gun. As the picture cuts to the Furry Force logo, the sounds of the energy weapon discharging and bodies hitting the ground is heard.

Episode 2: "Furry Superheroes Get Even Grosser"[edit]

In the second episode (released April 11, 2014), a military general tells the Furry Force - via a video link - that the President has been kidnapped by Victor Vivisector. The furries transform into their anthro forms, much to the horror of the general, who cannot work out how to break the video connection.

In Vivisector's lair, the President is held against the wall with force beams, and Vivisector prepares to make him sign an executive order that will turn every national forest into a parking lot. The Furry Force burst in, and Vivisector is highly disturbed by the sight of Callie, who appears to be heavily pregnant. Krunk opts to throw himself out a window rather than face the furries.

Vivisector activates a trap, and energy beams ensnare the furries and hold them against the wall next to the President. Vivisector begins a victory speech, but said speech is cut short as the furries will not stop writhing. Hip-Hop attempts to restrain them, but concludes that they like it.

Trang ejects a torrent of milk from her udders, which glues Vivisector and Hip-Hop in place, unable to look away (much to Vivisector’s dismay) as Callie forces herself into labour and gives birth to Furancis, a Scrappy-Doo-like hybrid with a squirrel tail. As Furancis frees the other furries and the President, Vivisector opts to beat his own head in with a length of metal pipe until he falls unconscious, leaving Hip-Hop begging to be taken with Vivisector.

Leon carries the President in his arms, and they exit Vivisector's lair, whereupon they are immediately photographed by reporters who ask "Mr President, who are these people?" and "Why are they so sexy?". Realising how compromising the situation looks, the President decides to immediately resign.

Ursa Major Award[edit]

Furry Force episodes 1 and 2 were nominated in the 2014 Ursa Major Awards, in the category Best Dramatic Series or Short Work.[2]

During the voting period, Patch Packrat of the Dogpatch Press blog interviewed Adam Conover (CollegeHumor writer and voice of Victor Vivisector/Hip-Hop).[3] Conover revealed that, due to the number of times the first two episodes had been viewed, a third episode was planned for around June, 2015. On April 11, CollegeHumor released a short animation with Furry Force's Leon and Victor, encouraging viewers to vote for them in the Ursa Majors.[4]

On May 1, at a ceremony at Morphicon 2015 in Columbus, Ohio, Furry Force was announced as the winner of the Ursa Major Award for Best Dramatic Series or Short Work.[5]

Episode 3: "Furry Superheroes Are the Grossest"[edit]

In the third episode (released July 17, 2015), Vivisector has created his own anthropomorphic animals, "The Scalie Squad", a dragon, an alligator/crocodile, a cobra, and a lizard. Although finding them as distasteful as the Furry Force, Vivisector hopes that the two groups will mutually destroy each other. He even admits how his desire to destroy forests has faded away to the point that his current goal is solely to end the Furry Force, and he ponders getting a regular job after the two groups destroy each other.

Suddenly, in an effect mimicking those in the Terminator franchise, a naked half-cybernetic version of Leon appears and states that he has travelled from the future and they must join forces. Leon wants to share memories with Vivisector, who baulks at the idea and tells Krunk and Hip-Hop to attack. The two minions then blow themselves up with a grenade rather than comply.

Leon forcibly pulls Vivisector into his mind, and reveals how history will unfold. Vivisector's Scalie Squad prove to be the equal of the Furry Force, and the pheromone cloud from the weeks-long battle/orgy envelopes the Earth, turning all lifeforms (humans and non-human alike) into either human/animal hybrids or animal/human hybrids. Vivisector himself becomes an anthropomorphic rabbit, despite his present self’s hopes that he had perished before the transformations began.

According to Leon, "At first, the resulting yiffing brought about world peace, but yiffing does not come without consequences". Ninety percent of the population is wiped out by "a milky tidal wave," including future-Vivisector.

Cybernetic Leon wants Vivisector to alter the future by teaching the Scalie Squad compassion, but present-day Vivisector, horrified by the thought of his potential fate ("I drown in a sea of wolf cum") sets about killing his creations and dousing his lair with petrol. As Vivisector ignites the fuel, the timeline is altered and future-Leon vanishes. As his lair burns around him, Vivisector remains sitting down, deciding to die along with them, no longer wanting deal with the Furry Force anymore (or life in general at this point). His last words being a proclamation, "I welcome death."


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