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Rizzo the Rat at Eurofurence 14
Colifox is a furry artist who lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom with fellow fursuiter Badgerguy. His fursona used to be a lion with a fox's tail. However, he now relates most to his rat character, Rizzo the Rat.

Colifox is co-chair of Brumcon, an event which started off as a house party arranged for a visiting guest. It was a success, and he and Badgerguy continue to host regular events at their home, usually consisting of a fursuit parade at a popular destination - such as the city centre or a park - as well as BBQ and dance. The New Years event also boasts a fireworks display.

Colifox came across furry by accident due to his deep interest in Watership Down. He was introduced to FurryMUCK in 2000, where he gave birth to his persona.

Colifox owns a Sylvester the Cat costume constructed by Atalon Deer. He also made his own partial fursuit of a border collie dog who debuted at Eurofurence 13. He is called Coli. The latest addition to his fursuit family is Rizzo the Rat, a 'hooded rat' fursuit made by Hawthorn, which debuted at Eurofurence 14.

His first convention was Eurofurence 12, and he also attended Eurofurence 13, Eurofurence 14, Eurofurence 16, and ConFuzzled 2008 and 2009. He become a core staff member of ConFuzzled in 2010 as the venue liason and also assists the fursuit track team.

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