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Coffeekat, also known as Coffeedameerkat, or meerkat123 on YouTube, is a meerkat furry who lives in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Born May 21, 1993, in Harlow, Essex, England. Coffeekat lived in Essex for the first three years of his life and moved to Australia at a young age.

As of October 2008 he attends Keira High School, located on the south coast of New South Wales. he has since been expelled from this school and as of 2010 attends the Illawarra senior collage and is completing year 10

Fandom involvement[edit]

Coffeekat discovered the furry fandom on YouTube at the age of thirteen, when he met another fur with the same fursona who helped him out and taught about the fandom. It was also on YouTube that Coffeekat contributed to the “YouTube Furry War”. Coffeekat is a well known Australian furry in the YouTube community.

He has been given some honors for his videos. he has been the #2 most viewed in Australia all time and #40 most subscribed for animal videos world wide (that current week) which was during febury 2008.


Coffeekat was banned from the Australian IRC channel because they thought he was Timonsuricata, due of the same fursona and the fact that they live in neighboring towns. Coffeekat attempted to contact the mod of the IRC channel, but was ignored by the owner.

He then went on webcam with a furry who was a close friend of the mod who pleaded to the owner that it was a case of mistaken identity. He was still not let back in.

In recent times coffeekat has considered changing fursona or leaving the fandom due to distrust from other furries who thought he was Timonsuricata and during most of 2009 he had denounced his links to the fandom. but during April of 2010 he realised that he did not wankt to leave the fandom

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