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Coco Rapidpaws.

Coco Rapidpaws (born May 16, 2008), is a Multi-instrumentalist, who lives in London, United Kingdom. Coco's Fursona is a Fox.

Personal information[edit]

Coco Rapidpaws was made by Lacquan Michael Williams (born March 7, 2002). Lacquan is from Montego Bay, Jamaica and he was born in London, United Kingdom. 3 days before his birthday (March 4, 2006), that was the day that he realised that he was a Furry. It actually took Lacquan 9 months to draw out Coco Rapidpaws (v1). The colours of Coco (v1) was Blue, Brown, Red, White and Yellow. The drawing of Coco was lost in 2009 while moving houses. In December 2016, Coco (v1.5) was created and the colours was only Blue, Brown and White. In March 2017, Coco (v2) was done and its the final update on Coco Rapidpaws, the only reason why (v2) is the last one is because in (v1.5) Coco's Muzzle was accidently white when I forgot to add the blue. Soon to come a reference sheet of Coco Rapidpaws might be or will be done by NeonSlushie.


Coco Rapidpaws is a Fox with 3 different fur colours which is Blue, Brown and White. Coco was born Friday 16th May 2008 in London, United Kingdom. Coco is kind and friendly which means that he is fun to be around, does not bite at all or create any conflict towards anyone. Coco is a caring, playful, energetic and a hyperactive person, so if he becomes very hyper, he will start to act crazy! Coco loves to make new friends all the time.

Coco Rapidpaws was based on a chocolate called HERSHEY’S. Coco has a 100% addiction to chocolate or anything to do with Chocolate. Coco loves to hang out with his friends. Coco loves being petted by humans. Coco loves face paint other people faces and he loves getting his face painted. Coco loves to play with balloons very often when he gets bored sometimes and it mostly cheers him up than chocolate. Coco knows how to juggle and he often does juggling in his free time. Coco is that type of fox who likes to trick or prank his friends or other people but not that often. Coco likes surprises and he also likes to surprise people because it makes him happy when he sees someone else happy. Coco is a big hugger and loved being hugged by others. Coco does often like to play with children a lot. Coco does love to party sometimes.

Coco has 2 brothers. His brother’s names are Jazz Limefur (Fennec Fox) and Banshee McWoof (Corgi). Coco’s best friend is Kyro (Red Fox) they have a lot in common. Coco’s is in love with Vanilla Rapidpaws (Arctic Fox). Coco is the oldest brother which means he often has to take care of his 2 brothers. Coco and Jazz often plays instruments together, Jazz drums and Coco plays Piano. Banshee McWoof often sleeps so sometimes when Banshee is in a deep sleep Coco snuggles next to him (Well we all do because we sleep in the same bedroom).

Coco often likes to watch Zootopia. He likes to listen to his favourite song which is The Greatest by Sia. He often watches The Amazing World of Gumball when he is bored as well. Coco’s favourite colour is Orange and Purple. Coco loves being complemented when he is being called cute, adorable by others. Other animals think that Coco was a Wolf, a Husky or even a Folf, due to his appearance. Coco had friends who even were afraid of his species but he helped his friends by explaining what foxes do and don’t do. His friends weren’t scared of him because they can tell that he is friendly due to his appearance.


Other fursonas[edit]

  • Jazz Limefur

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