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Club Culture is a location in Second Life, located in Nocturnal Chaos.[1] It was officially opened by founder Micah Sheehan in early May 2013 as a primarily furry nightclub. Besides the dance floor, it features a relaxation area nicknamed the Zen Lounge and a bar. The club's slogan is 'Refine your Experience'.

The club has been advertised within Second Life and throughout the Welsh furs community.


Dance floor
Zen Lounge
  • "Wildstyle Wednesdays"[1] (debut May 15, 2013) are a weekly event with several DJs playing, friendly to several time zones.

Management (Revised June 2013)[edit]

  • Micah Sheehan (Owner)
  • Myx the Dragon (General Manager)
  • Sierra Katrina (HR Manager)
  • Nyx Blaylock (Dancer Manager)
  • Mister Wolfbeast (Host Manager)

Resident DJs (Revised June 2013)[edit]

Guest DJs (Revised June 2013)[edit]

  • Dari
  • Catraxx
  • Barry

The Reboot Repeats[edit]

On August 17, 2014, it was announced[citation needed] that Club Culture would be returning along with the hashtag #CC2015.

On October 15, 2016, it was again announced that Club Culture would be returning with the same old marketing jargon to accompany it. Re-using the same old club from the years gone by, 2017 is all thats currently known of the launch date. #Culture17 is the hashtag if anybody cares.


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