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Author(s) Leaf Dog
Update schedule abandoned
Launch date August 14, 2002[1]
End Date April 23, 2011

ClosetCoon is a webcomic created by Leaf Dog (previously known as Jeff Kun).


It details the story of Aiden, a collegiate raccoon, his light-hearted seduction of Colin, a fox, and Duma, a cheetah who also has his eye on Aiden.

As the comic has progressed it has moved away from the "a gag a strip" format towards a more dramatic, serialized storyline. Likewise some of the characters (most notably Colin) have shifted greatly in characterization and motivation as the story has evolved.

The sexual content has also increased, from the early running gags about Aiden copping a feel of Colin surreptitiously to full frontal nude shots of aroused characters in more recent strips.

Strip timeline[edit]

There have been long breaks between strips. Strip 54 was published in September 2006 (55 was published before 54)[2] and strip 56 was then not published until March 2008.

Strip 59 was published in July 2008, then strip 60 was published in April 2010 (Aug 2008 to March 2010 = 20 month gap) and strip 61 was not published until January 2011 (May 2010 to Dec 2010 = 8 month gap).

No new strip has been added since April 23, 2011 (No. 62).[3]


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