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Poster for Adric's comedy show, by Rikusho

Clockwork Mouse (also known as Adric Verminus, born March 24, 1980) is a Tim Burton-inspired mouse. His player lives in Murfreesboro, TN with his boyfriend Tahamaki. His original fandom name was derived from the Doctor Who companion, Adric. In March 2006, he had his first name legally changed to Adric and has since worked toward distancing himself from using the name as a public persona. While he still plays the character of Adric online, he has shifted more toward the persona of Clockwork Mouse.


His original fursona was a four foot tall rat who had a love for chainsaws and using them as a problem solving tool.

He is the inventor of the "Chainsaw Kata", similar to the movie Equilibrium's use of the Gun Kata, but with far more bloody and chunky results. In the beginning, the character strived to be as offensive as possible, which included wearing offensive t-shirts including, "On your knees and smile like a donut."

Clockwork Mouse[edit]

Originally a character on Second Life (name: Verdilak Stygian), Clockwork Mouse has become the current public persona for Adric. He is a seven foot tall animatronic mouse, inspired by the visual style of Tim Burton.

Behind the Gears[edit]

Clockwork Mouse is stand up comedian, currently on hiatus. He has performed at at Anthrocon 2002's "Laughing Cockatoo Comedy Club" at the Adam's Mark hotel in Philadelphia, along with 2, The Ranting Gryphon. His last performance at a Furry Convention was MFM 2007 as part of the Flea Collar Comedy Tour. In 2006, he helped run Mephit FurMeet's dealer's room, and will be returning for 2007.

He is also rumored to be a freestyle DDR Midwest champion.

Clockwork Mouse is also a certified Reiki healer, 2nd degree, and uses LiveJournal under the name clockwerkmouse.

Since taking a break from stand-up comedy, he has been working on his first novel, about "Phoenix McGee", an super-powerful, goofball, private detective.

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