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Clixposing Kitraandra is an adult Flash game by GSPervert, who did the game art and programming and Liquid Mark, who did the character designs and music.

[edit] Gameplay

The player controls a plasmoid, an amorphous alien being that is stalking Kitraandra, a bounty hunter female cat. The object of the game is to strip and seed Kitraandra while binding her arms and legs with slime so that she cannot counter attack. By holding down the mouse over Kitraandra's head, chest and hips, the plasmoid would strip (disolve) the armour. Only when the armour is gone can he seed his captive, all the while preventing Kitraandra from using her guns and rocket boots which cause damage.

The game ends either when the player succeeds in seeding Kitraandra (in three places), or if Kitraandra is able to reduce the plasmoid's health bar to zero. Finishing the game successfully unlocks a gallery containing (mostly adult) artwork of Kitraandra.

[edit] External link

Clixposing Kitraandra on Newgrounds (misspelled as ClixSposing Kitraandra).

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