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The premier call-in podcast covering all things furry.
Host(s) Flain Falcon, Puc, Zim Skunk, and formerly Schryari.
Website Fur Affinity:

website: "parked" (cybersquatted?)

Update schedule hiatus
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Genre General furry

Clawcast was a furry podcast produced by Flain Falcon, Zim Skunk, Puc, and formerly by Schryari (also known as Scry), who resigned as a regular host in December 2007.

Content and features[edit]

The podcast covered a variety of topics including an "honest" look at what furry is for different people, issues facing the furry fandom, furry news, and reviews of furry-related media.

The producers of Clawcast also had several guests on the show over the course of its run, including furry comedians, artists, authors, and representatives from the fandom's various sub-groups.

Clawcast includes the ability for listeners to call in live or leave messages relating to the show's content or furry events. There was a rapidly growing forum community as well as the #clawcast channel on FurNet.

Future appearances and projects[edit]

The show was planning a future series of live-recorded, and live-streaming events, including live shows at some conventions. Their 21st episode was recorded live at FWA 2008, and published on March 3, and their 27th episode was recorded live at FA: United 2008 and published on July 26.


As of Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:57 pm, Clawcast is on hiatus, as announced by Flain. This ended the two months of podfading that was rumored on the Clawcast site. Flain blamed busy schedules as the primary reason for the shutdown, but promised to start a more 'fan-centric' podcast. This new podcast and webpage are known as Anthropod and the first podcast was released in mid-December 2008.

Flain stated in the Hiatus podcast that he hoped that the new podcast and board would develop themes he felt were lost during the growth of Clawcast. He transferred the website and podcast to his co-hosts Puc and Zim Skunk. Flain left the door open to his reappearance with his former hosts "if they want". He strongly suggested that this would create two high quality podcasts for the fandom.

External links[edit]

  • - official web site "parked" (cybersquatted?)

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