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Nicholas Crotser also known as Desmond Fox or SweettheSour is an American artist.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Nick discovered the fandom in mid 2006 and joined Fur Affinity in 2007. Some of his popular characters include Ambrosia (a scarlet cat with white highlights, a lightning bolt tag, and a blue streak) and FiFi (a brown bat punk with pink hair).

Using a Red Fox as his fursona, he publicly identifies as an agnostic and a Democratic Socialist. He is the main author and artist for the webcomic series Clan Rikier and The Adventures of Laika, webmaster for Radio Free Housepets!, a massive fan of science fiction and Swing music, and a large supporter of tolerance for all. Nick also works as lead Concept Artist for Starholder Games.

Radio Free Housepets![edit]

Nick co-created Radio Free Housepets! (then Housepets! Radio) with David Cramer in 2011. Though he and David both left the show in 2012, he still played a role in most of the operations of RFHP!, from site upkeep to episode production until the January 19, 2013 incident.


Most of Nick's characters contain complex geometric shapes. His art style is influenced by Tim Burton, David Hopkins, Chuck Jones, John K., and Jhonen Vasquez. Nick is fond of Art Deco, Retro-futurism, Science Fiction, and Surrealism, and many of his original works feature his artistic preferences.

Major projects[edit]

Little House on the Ring (Comic 2005-2007), Sam and Molly (Comic 2005-2009), Law of the Stars (Webcomic 2009-2009), Harvest: Bloodmoon (Short Story 2009), Red-Rocket, NV (Webcomic 2009-2010), Clan Rikier (Webcomic 2010-On Hiatus), Radio Free Housepets! (Podcast 2011-) The Adventures of Laika (Graphic Novel & Video Game series)

Clan Rikier, a spin-off of Nick Crotser's comic Sam and Molly. It's original began July 2010 and was placed on hiatus August 2010. It's storyline is about a dog named John and his day-to-day life.

Clan Rikier cast[edit]

  • Johnathan "John" Rikier - Male dog, age 21. Friendly, kind-hearted, and sometimes overly dramatic and immature. John works in a mall music shop (Muziks), and has a hidden talent with the electric guitar.
  • Samantha "Sammy" Movera - Female fox/cat hybrid, age 20. Samantha is John's kind, but easily aggravated girlfriend, who is not above using violence to get her way.
  • Jenzen - Male lizard, age 69. Manager of "Muziks", he (on the surface) appears to be boring and sedentary, but in reality is intelligent, helpful, and always level-headded. He can talk people their ears off about science fiction.

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