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City Of Unity was a furry freeform role-playing game played on IRC. It was founded in July 2007 by Vagrant co-founder Sulaco, Gasmask, and several other former staff and players of Vagrant. The game was a science-fiction dystopia, taking place in a grim future where the Sun had darkened, and only one city remained in the world: Einheit City. The setting of the game revolved around Einheit City under the rule of The Ministry, a totalitarian eugenicist military government which declared that cross-species hybridization was the next step in evolution, and that hybrids were genetically superior to purebreds. City Of Unity combined technocratic Orwellian political oppression, apocalyptic mythology, organized crime intrigue, and psychological horror.

  • Ran from: July 2007 - May 2011[1]


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