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Philip James Eggerding, also known as Cirrel, is an artist and writer from Michigan. He is the author of The Wilderhom Trilogy, and winner of the Mephit Fur Meet 2005 t-shirt contest. He periodically uses the identity Jerenn, particularly in contexts associated with the Sholan Alliance series. His most recent project is the Winter's Shard adventure story featuring original characters Nohni Wabanda and Chryona Winter.

Nohni Wabanda[edit]

Nohni Wabanda is a fictional character created by furry artist and writer Cirrel, and also serves as his "muse".

Vital Statistics[edit]

  • Species: Golden Jackal
  • Birthplace: Upper Nile Valley, Egypt
  • Height: 190 cm (approx. 6 ft 3 in)
  • Weight: 74 kg (approx. 163 lbs)

Character Background[edit]

Nohni is a female golden-furred Jackal who was raised by Ojibwa Indians in Ontario, Canada. She originally remembers very little about her biological parents other than brief mental images, her only clues about her origins being of a similar fur pattern to Jackals living in the upper Nile Valley region of Egypt, and a golden ankh that she wears on a necklace. Her Ojibwa name approximately translates into "she shows her breasts", referring to her habit of running around topless with the other Ojibwa children while growing up. As an adult, she is very straightforward and to the point, preferring to get to the heart of the matter rather than beat around the bush. She is also driven towards adventuring, hoping to possibly uncover some clues to her past. She is an accomplished archaeologist, operating in a fashion comparable to Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, though she tends to specialize in sexually-oriented artifacts and legends that her colleagues usually shy away from due to the taboos of modern society. When not in the field, she is a professor at Patriarch University. She eventually finds out the truth about her origins in the story Birth Rite, wherein it is revealed that she was the product of an Egyptian cult known as the Order of Anubis who sought to ressurect the gods of ancient Egypt through controlled breeding of selectively abducted female jackals. Her parents attempted to escape from the Order when Nohni was born, but were tracked down and killed. She also has an uncle, Jeffa Wawet, though he perishes after becoming posessed by the spirit of Set. It is revealed in the course of the story that she shares a direct lineage to the goddess Isis, and was even called her 'daughter'.


Given her propensity for adventuring, Nohni has amassed a collection of specialized equipment to aid in her endeavors, which includes the following:

  • H1 Hummer "Rumble Bee" - Nohni's personal vehicle is a customized Hummer H1 with a yellow-striped black paint scheme, luggage rack, and brush guard nicknamed the 'Rumble Bee'.
  • Custom Smith & Wesson SW1911 - Nohni carries a heavily-customized Smith & Wesson SW1911 semi-automatic pistol chambered in .45 ACP as a personal-defense sidearm. The SW1911 is a modern variant of the classic Colt M1911 semi-automatic pistol produced by Smith & Wesson. Nohni's pistol is customized to include a gold-anodized finish, 15-round magazine (in place of the standard 8-round magazine), a longer 7.38" barrel (replacing the standard 5.03" barrel) with a lengthened slide to match, and an accessory rail for mounting laser pointers, tactical flashlights, or other accessories on the frame ahead of the trigger guard.
  • Bullwhip - In addition to her pistol, Nohni also carries a 14' bullwhip as a multipurpose tool and makeshift weapon, reminiscent of Indiana Jones. Like her male human counterpart, she is highly proficient in using the whip and almost never goes anywhere without it.
  • Horus - Nohni owns a Kitsune 550 STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing)-capable turboprop plane based on the de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter which she's christened the "Horus" after an Egyptian sun god taking the form of a falcon. It can be configured as either a float plane for operating on water or with skis for use in arctic environments, as well as with conventional landing gear. Despite owning the aircraft, she typically hires others to pilot it, such as her friend Tigermark.

Notable Appearances[edit]

Aside from a myriad of stand-alone art pieces done by Cirrel and other artists, Nohni has also appeared in several larger projects undertaken by her creator. The first is the Traveler's Tomb comic strip, which is mostly satirical in nature and pokes fun at various pop culture and sexual fetish subjects. The others are the Winter's Shard, Darien's Gap, and Birth Rite adventure stories, which take a more serious and mature tone. Cirrel himself has stated that both Traveler's Tomb and Winter's Shard ended up growing far beyond their original intended scope, which he jokingly blamed on Nohni's influence as his muse.

Relation to Other Characters[edit]

Nohni can be frequently seen interacting with characters belonging to other artists. She is a professor at the fictional Patriarch University along with Raven Hunt (created by Max Black Rabbit) and Hazel Weiss. Hazel and the University both are the creations of gNAW. Nohni has frequently been seen engaging in various degrees of social interactions with these characters, as well as other characters including the fursonas of the aforementioned artists.

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