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Ciele Fu, also known as Fu, Funa or PlagueCat, is an anthro artist and graphic designer from Essex, England. She is mated to Mouse, who is often depicted as a fairy mouse despite not partaking in the fandom. Fond of shiny things, rodents and sweet cocktails, she spends her time sleeping in odd places, playing video games, drawing, and planning strange sunrise rituals.

Fandom History[edit]

Fu's first internet experiences were on a Neopets-themed oekaki board, where drawing anthropomorphic versions of pets were common, through which she was introduced to Furcadia and the idea of having an animal internet persona. Never particularly active in the furry community, she was much more attracted to the art and concept of fursonas. Nowadays, she's most active on Fur Affinity, and Twitter.

She is open to the possibility of spiritual therianthropy, but considers it relatively unimportant to her.


Funa Ciele Cusuibhne, Ciele Fu's fursona, is a cat/collie hybrid who appears fully feline. Though the character was originally conceived in late 2002 as a non-morphic cat, she acquired her creator's alias and a few character tweaks after being adopted as an official fursona within the fandom around 2005. Much of her history and status is derived from her creator's life and twisted into an anthropomorphic setting, and her overall personality is similar but exaggarated to make her more memorable and interesting.

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