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Cid's paladin character, drawn by Fur Affinity user muscletigerwolf

Cid SilverWing, born 8th February 1991, is a furry writer from Norway. Cid describes himself as a "Lightsworn Crusader of Justice".


Cid SilverWing's character is a male anthropomorphic Red Fox paladin. He always goes by his nickname on the Internet (due to proven disdain for his real name).

His character is based upon himself, but polished with no psychological disorders or disabilities. He drew heavy inspiration from the MMORPG World of Warcraft Paladin, Priest and Warrior classes, mixing the primary advantages of these three in-game classes into a godmodded character.

Although his character serves a deity, Cid is actually an atheist in real life and is an outspoken enemy of religions, primarily all forms of Christian and Islamic religions. He repeatedly makes radical statements about how all religions (principially excluding Buddhism) should be banned and constantly declares the aforementioned religions as heresy.

Real life[edit]

Cid grew up over the years with a very deep passion for games, be it electronic or board. On consoles he enjoys Action/Adventure, RPG, Platform, Fighting and Tactical Espionage Action games. On PC, he enjoys FPS, RTS and Tactical Espionage Action.

He also has an all-rounder taste for music, be it crude 8-bit from the NES to Arrange versions (though he is not much fond of remixes and orchestrated remixes).

Sexual interests[edit]

Cid, who is bisexual (with a repeatedly stated female preference), is also a huge fan of muscle growth media, in addition to hyper, to the point of exaggeration.

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