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An image of the astral Chronogryphon's likeness

The Chronogryphon is a god who utilizes the likeness of a gryphon spirit. It may be summoned through the will an avatar usually of gryphon origin. It is possible that multiple avatars may co-exist in any given realm, and share the power to summon the Chronogryphon into their world at will. The Chronogryphon is a unique deity because it does not allow its will to be used for good or evil, but rather neutrality. It is for this reason that the likeness of the Chronogryphon may be utilized through a successful summoning.

In GRPG, namely GRPG:SE and GotM the Chronogryphon is a divine being of exponential influence over time and space. It is considered the life force that flows in the breath of all gryphons and is worshipped by many as a gryphon god.

In Ayenee, the Chronogryphon may be summoned by a roleplayer with a shaman-type character of noble heritage that uses ten to twenty lines of text to describe the summoning.

Per Ayenee rules, this text must include:
  • A mental or spiritual tap to the plane of existence that the Chronogryphon resides on, which is subject to change at the random will of the Chronogryphon.
  • The intentions of the summoner, whether good or bad, with adequate reason for the need of the Chronogryphon's power to solve a problem otherwise unsolveable.
i.e. Reversing the flow of time to prevent another character from dying.
  • As well as skimming the pages of time to delete a portion of time from occurring.
i.e. The birth of an arch nemesis or the conception of a powerful creature who may one day rival the Chronogryphon.
  • The location on a physical plane of existence where the Chronogryphon will be summoned.
Please note the following:
  • The Chronogryphon cannot be fully controlled. Its summoning is limited based on the spiritual or mental power of the avatar it is currently linked to.
  • Only a portion of the Chronogryphon is alotted to even the most powerful avatar. The majority of the astral deity cannot fit into any plane of existence besides its own.
  • Its power cannot be vanquished from another avatar, or stripped/weakened in any way.
  • The avatar does not control the Chronogryphon. The Chronogryphon controls its avatar. As such, the avatar uses the Chronogryphon to ultimately fulfill the will of the Chronogryphon.
  • The Chronogryphon accepts justifiable use of its power and will perform as specified by an avatar if these conditions are met.
  • The Chronogryphon reserves the right to otherwise strip the use of its power by any avatar it chooses for legitimate reason.
  • The concept of the Chronogryphon was created by OverGryph, who can answer any questions regarding its use.