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Chrono Otter Coon, also known as Chrono or Chronocoon,[1] is a furry musician and fursuiter who lives in Colorado, USA.[2]


Chrono's fursona is an ottercoon (a sea otter/raccoon hybrid)[3] whose coat is mostly tawny brown, aside from a light cream undercoat and his dark chin, chest, and underarm fluff. Aside from those markings, if not for the darker-colored fur around his eyes and the stripes along his tail, he might be mistaken for just a sea otter.

Chrono is broad-chested, of average height, and a bit on the chunky side of stocky. On his right shoulder is a bright cerulean-blue tattoo of the planetary symbol for Saturn.


Chrono's fursuit, depicting his fursona, was constructed by Kodi Pup.[4]


Chrono is a pianist and occasionally plays the piano at conventions. He also composes and produces electronic music, some of this music can be found under his other pseudonym Chronosis on SoundCloud


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