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A Christian Fur is a furry who is a member of the Christian faith.

Faith and fandom[edit]

Most Christian furs integrate their religious beliefs with the tenets of the furry fandom. The particular branch of Christianity and the level of participation in furry determines the amount of integration, or lack thereof (e.g. Some Christian furs who are lifestylers have reconciled their religious and spiritual beliefs, while others keep religion and fandom separate.

Animal symbolism is common throughout the religion itself, Jesus himself being compared in the Bible to both a lion and a lamb. Christian furry artists, such as XianJaguar and Holly Ann, depict Jesus as an anthropomorphic lion, with some Christian furs referring to him as Aslan.


There is occasional friction between Christian furs and other furries[citation needed] who follow different religions, traditions, or lack of them;[clarify][citation needed] in many cases,[citation needed] this is caused by the belief that the Christian fur is less tolerant of other beliefs, or overly conservative.[citation needed] Conversely, some Christian furs are criticised by other Christians, who believe the lifestyle is incompatible with their faith.[citation needed]

Some critics and trolls may use these arguments to further stoke the stereotype of the furry-hating Christian (e.g Christian Parents Against Furries).


Some Christian Fur websites and communities include Christian Furry Fellowship, Christian Furs, Furrs Fur Christ, Rainbow Ark, The Unicorn and Gryphon, WagzTail, Christian Furs United, Ye Ragamuffin & Warrior Tavern’s All Saints Furries Rise

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