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Furry Artist Chris Sutor

Chris Sutor is a furry artist from the East Coast of the United States, who has been in the fandom since 1989.

Chris had always wanted to grow up to be a cartoonist. Having watched funny animals on TV every day, it was only natural that when he finally started drawing, he would try to create the sorts of characters that he himself had enjoyed.

His two earliest furry characters were Alpha and Centauri, a pair of spacegoing pandas which he created sometime between 1979 and 1982. From there, he would go on to fill multiple binders with original furry artwork.

Chris' first brush with furry fandom was at Balticon 23 in 1989, thanks to a Furry party poster hung inside an elevator. He had gone to help set up computers in the convention's computer room, and spied the poster while lugging equipment. At the party he purchased a large collection of comics and furry art magazines, and became instantly addicted.

During the 1990's, he contributed artwork to a number of small press zines, including FurVersion, and Bestiary, and regularly attended furry parties held during Philcon at the now-demolished Adam's Mark Hotel in Philadelphia. During this era, he also created and started playing his alter-ego, Cobalt, on the Internet chat/game FurryMUCK.

Chris attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, in Dover, New Jersey, as he was interested in learning to draw comic books professionally. He made it through two and a half years of classes before finally deciding he'd learned all he could from them, and moved on.

Chris worked for a time, creating comic books for FurNation Multimedia, including Cobalt, a series featuring his alter-ego, Cobalt the Delos.

He also ran two Yahoo! groups:

  • Cobalt's Big Pit Of Stuff where he published art, political rants, and various random musings. This group no longer exists.
  • Club Foozle, which is a yahoo group dedicated to his "foozle" alien race. This group is still up, but is essentially abandoned, and new memberships are no longer available.

Chris also plays his alter ego Cobalt on Second Life. There he runs a car dealership, and for a time, also ran a dance club, and The Radio Theatre, where he played old time radio shows.

Non Furry Work[edit]

Chris has designed packaging, toys and other craft products for RoseArt Industries, Peachtree Playthings, and Indeed, almost all of the images on's "3d CAD compatible" page are his work, as is their big, candy logo.

The work done for these companies involved 2D PhotoShop work for packaging, and 3D computer modelling of prototype products.

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