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Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders, Golden Globes 2014 (crop).jpg
Real name Christopher Michael Sanders
Other names Christopher Sanders
Born March 12, 1962
Birth place Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Spouse(s) or mate(s) Jessica Steele-Sanders
Profession or hobby Director, illustrator, voice actor
Character species Human
Chris Sanders (right) receiving his 2002 Ursa Major award

Christopher Michael "Chris" Sanders (born March 12, 1962) is a California Institute of the Arts (Calarts) graduate, and a present animation director, screenwriter, animator and voice actor.

Sanders is best known for his varied roles (including directing) on Disney's animated feature Lilo & Stitch. He famously starred in the title role of Stitch in the film, a role he continued to play in the sequel films, Lilo & Stitch: The Series (but not the later shows Stitch! or Stitch & Ai, both of which were produced after he left The Walt Disney Company), and various other Disney projects.

Chris Sanders and furry[edit]

Sanders has old ties with the furry fandom, including being a former member of Rowrbrazzle, and illustrating furry media such publications as MU Press's Beauty of the Beasts.

He also received the 2002 Ursa Major Awards for Best Anthropomorphic Motion Picture (Lilo & Stitch).


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