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"Doing what he enjoys the most, Isolated Large Format Photography -Drawn by ssnic."

Chris- is based in Southern California, but he hasn't been there in years. He choose to go full time all semesters at his college in Anchorage, Alaska.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Chris- Has taken a rather long break from the furry community choosing to focus entirely on his college courses. After taking a two years longer than expected he is set to graduate with a BA in photography and a BS in geology. He is planning to return to southern California to gain a MFA in Photography. He works at the undergraduate level in Information Technology. But he freelances as a landscape photographer when he has the chance.


His character is a male Thylacine, 6'1" tall and of average build. He is modeled after Chris but pushed forward about four years in time. He makes his modest living traveling to the far isolated places primarily in the American to get the shots that his clients ask for.

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