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Chopper Coyote is a furry fan who lives in the United States.[1] His fursona is a coyote.

Chopper has always had an interest in cartoon anthropomorphic animals, but had not heard of the furry fandom until 2014. Chopper was originally part of the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom until he had lost interest in it.


Chopper has a large number of original characters, including:[citation needed]

  • Tyflós: a purple, red, black, white, and orange fox bat who has a love for the steampunk art style.
  • Valentino: a St. Valentine's Day themed African wild dog that can dance.
  • Cyril: a grey and white deer with a Canadian accent and spots. Cyril is the most timid of Chopper's characters.
  • Sven: a grumpy, black and white, body building Fjord horse.
  • Spike: a grumpy and rude black and white cocker spaniel with a studded red collar.
  • Charlie: a cynical, sarcastic black poodle.
  • Dunkin: an otter/mongoose hybrid.
  • Frankie: a raccoon with a red bell collar.


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