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Chip Caramel.

Chip Caramel, or better known as Chippy, is a furry artist residing in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. He discovered the fandom in 2003 after completing a series of comic strips and submitting them online. He is primarily a SpinDizzy regular.


[edit] Fandom Involvement

[edit] Fursona

Chip has a field mouse persona, derived from the comics he created in 2003. The most typical and consistent form of this is a young, male, brown-furred rodent with a tan colored patch that extends from his neck to his crotch. He has a tail that, though pink at birth, is blackened from fire damage.

[edit] SpinDizzy involvement

In Mid-to-Late September 2009, Chip joined the MUCK SpinDizzy, and with the help of Wizard Findra, began a career as a doctor character, as well as medical assistant in various roleplay settings. He soon built a facility in the MUCK to handle medical-related as well as research-based settings, the SD Medical Treatment Centre.[1] He still works there.

His most recent involvement with the SpinDizzy MUCK was pairing with Natasha Nelson as the SpinDizzy News web site look-and-feel advisers.

[edit] References

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