Chicken Wings

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Chicken Wings
Author(s) Michael and Stefan Strasser
Update schedule Tuesdays and Fridays
Launch date April 14, 2009[1]
End Date Continuing
Genre Comedy
Censor G button.png

Chicken Wings is a webcomic by Michael and Stefan Strasser. It focuses on Roost Air, a small air company staffed by anthropomorphic chickens.


The characters in Chicken Wings are:[2]

  • The Air Roost Crew:
    • Chuck, the chief pilot at Roost Air.
    • Julio, Roost Air's aircraft mechanic.
    • Sally, secretary and dispatcher at Roost Air.
    • Hans, the owner and boss of Roost Air.
  • Miscellaneous characters:
    • Nobu, the pilot from the company next door.
    • Jason, the owner of a chocolate factory and Chuck's flight student.
    • Alex, a private pilot with her own Pitts Special aerobatic plane.
    • Ray, an aircraft mechanic who works with Nobu.
    • Captain Ed, Chuck's uncle and pilot at a major airline.


As of July, 2015, there have been four collected volumes of Chicken Wings strips.[3]


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