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Kris The Mew as an animation made by Chibiyima

Chibiyima (also known as Crystal M. Franks,[1] born January 31, 1990)[1][2] is an artist from the United States who is primarily known for her cute artwork. Her style leans towards mature and adult imagery, preferring to keep her clean artwork separate from the fandom. Her images generally feature characters of mammalarian nature, possibly inspired by Pokémon or Kirby characters.

Crystal is also on the Miramii board of directors where she helps organize FA: United conventions as a member.


Kris The Mew, drawn by Th'Neez
Ginara the Pixie, drawn by Chibiyima.

Chibiyima's main oc is a winged, unspecified mammalian character named Chibiyima.

Formerly, she played a character of a species which was primarily a hybrid of the tanuki and rabbit combined, named Crystal, a red panda, named Yurobi, a pixie [1] named Ginara,[3] a cat-like fairy named Cybelle Fuwaya, and a dragon named Crystal Tatsuya. In the past, in the battle Crystal uses her attacks by throwing a false teeth caused by spinach, and a bologna sausage, preferring melee combat to long range She also has magical powers, so she uses her abilities to make victims inflate or vomit. The cat character is rarely drawn in an alternative form which sports a white armor (actually a white Battle Suit from Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden) and shoes.

Her other characters are Kris The Mew (her Pokémon fan character), Omiya-Chan (a cat), Crystal the Rabbit (her old fursona) and Muffi-Kun (a fox).

Kris The Mew[edit]

Kris The Mew is a Pokémon, primarily white in color with a bow on her head. She has a grey heart mark on her head. Her cheeks are permanently blushing red, and the tip of her tail is sort of like a balloon. Her magical red heart necklace gives her the power to inflate anybody near by... And when it turns blue, she can sicken people near by, causing them to puke... And unlike other Mews, she has a gender...


Crystal is often well known for being controversial because of her actions towards those who dislike her for her behavior. In 2015, she gained notoriety by others on DeviantART by accusing her of pedophilia because she drew fictional children either pregnant or inflated.


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