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A charcoal Chibifox standing bipedal
A charcoal Chibifox in quadruped stance

Chibifox refers to a line of SecondLife Avatars by artist Whinge Languish. Stylistically, the avatar features a small short fox body with stubby limbs and exaggerated paws, feet, eyes, ears, and head, resulting in an anime-like appearance. The avatars have a digitigrade leg design and animation overrides which allows the avatar to walk and run in either bipedal or quadrupedal form.

[edit] Discontinuation

The Chibifox avatars were officially pulled from the Ninja Weasel Studios vendors in late 2006 and are no longer avaliable for purchase. A statement by Whinge Languish posted at his shop states that the avatars were removed from sale due to concerns that "the cute, 'underage' appearance of the avatar made it a target for babyfurs." The notice went on to say that, due to the popularity of the avatar and continued demand for them the artist "will be making a new, short, animal-like fox using new methods to try to stay truer to my original vision and avoid my avs being seen as 'underage' or 'babylike'." Since then a new feral fox avatar has been released with many more features.

[edit] Competing merchants

As of December 2006, Zimmy Cookie has released a competing Chibifox avatar line through Short Pocket Creations vendors as well as on SecondLife Exchange.

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