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A charcoal Chibifox standing bipedal
A charcoal Chibifox in quadruped stance

Chibifox refers to a line of SecondLife Avatars by artist Whinge Languish. Stylistically, the avatar features a small short fox body with stubby limbs and exaggerated paws, feet, eyes, ears, and head, resulting in an anime-like appearance. The avatars have a digitigrade leg design and animation overrides which allows the avatar to walk and run in either bipedal or quadrupedal form.


The Chibifox avatars were officially pulled from the Ninja Weasel Studios vendors in late 2006 and are no longer available for purchase. A statement by Whinge Languish posted at his shop states that the avatars were removed from sale due to concerns that "the cute, 'underage' appearance of the avatar made it a target for babyfurs." The notice went on to say that, due to the popularity of the avatar and continued demand for them the artist "will be making a new, short, animal-like fox using new methods to try to stay truer to my original vision and avoid my avs being seen as 'underage' or 'babylike'." Since then a new feral fox avatar has been released with many more features.

Competing merchants[edit]

As of December 2006, Zimmy Cookie has released a competing Chibifox avatar line through Short Pocket Creations vendors as well as on SecondLife Exchange.

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