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Robert W. Armstrong, also known as ChefMongoose and Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst, commonly called Chiaroscuro (born 8 May 1975), is a furry fan originally from Mystic, Connecticut, USA, and more recently of Norwich, Connecticut, whose fursona is a black and white mongoose

Fandom involvement[edit]

Robert has served on Anthrocon staff since 2001. He was made acting director of Anthrocon's registration department in December 2007, and was officially installed on the board of directors at Anthrocon 2008's opening ceremonies. He assumed the duties of Director of Photography in 2010, and after Anthrocon 2012 he moved from Registration to the Dealer's Room. He is a professional cook, and is noted for appearances in chef garb at Anthrocon.


The Character of Chiaroscuro was created in 1994, and joined FurryMUCK in November of that year. There, he was co-creator of Itza Castle, which was (In Character) based on the ruins of his home in the 10th century and magically incorporated to blend with a Kzin spaceship owned by Jamen-Riit. His middle name of 'Lyle' came from his modern adoptive family of Alice and Larry Lyle.

He is a temporal magician on a subatomic level, able to manipulate particles en masse in order to alter, reverse, and change the flow of time- within certain limits so as not to damage the temporal fabric. He focuses this magic through the use of pebbles, in the way other magicians would use wands or wards.

He also appears on FluffMUCK, and on Second Life as Chiaroscuro Mounier.

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